The “BOHM Boaters’ Association”  operates on a voluntary basis and is comprised exclusively of BOHM boaters. As an unincorporated association, the “BOHM Boaters’ Association" does not have a legal identity, but is recognized by The Town of Oakville through the annual completion of an application.


BOHMBA exclusive purposes are to solicit common interests and concerns, educate, influence and advocate on issues affecting BOHM boaters.


The objectives of the BOHMBA are:

      • To solicit common interests and concerns among BOHM boaters regarding the marina’s operation and levels of service following the expiry of the lease extension;

      • To organize, communicate and advocate on behalf of BOHM boaters with respect to the identified common interests and concerns;

      • To build awareness and influence decision-makers at the Town of Oakville based on the common interests and concerns identified by BOHM boaters. 


The association will hold an annual general meeting for the purposes of building awareness among BOHM boaters, soliciting support and requesting individuals to serve on the advisory council.